We contribute to the development of a sustainable management by helping clients create healthy vibrant organizations and transform humans to being outstanding in their lives and careers.
Our aim is to increase the number of people and organizations who feel “joy in their work” and “happiness and fortune in their lives.”
This is the core principle to which we are committed.


About us

Serving our Clients

Useful online information is available for companies to develop their organizations and human resources.

Our nationwide office network in Japan enables us to meet clients face-to-face. We listen to their needs and requirements, to offer personalized support.

Offer information for Organization and HR Development

We have built a network of researchers and practitioners in Japan and overseas in the fields of Sustainability Management, Organization Development and Human Resource Development. We leverage this network to routinely provide the most up-to-date technology and information to our clients.

Seminar and Trial Sessions

We hold seminars and courses throughout the year in various locations which are tailored to our clients’ requirements and objectives. We also offer complementary seminars and hands-on training sessions to help our clients better understand our services and products.

Liberating clients from
their organizational issues

We rely on tested and proven 50 years expertise and specialized knowledge to understand our clients’ long-term organizational challenges and create optimized solutions.

Universally Applicable Success

We support Organizational transformation and Human Resource Development across various industries, both large and small. More than 3300 companies per year.

Solution & Technology

We leverage our network of researchers and practitioners in Japan and overseas to ensure we consistently incorporate the latest research and technology into our solutions.

Tailored Solutions

Rather than just offering quick fixes to superficial problems, we help our clients reform and repurpose their organizational structures to provide solutions which resolve fundamental issues.

BCon’s Services

What wise Leaders know and others don't about people...

We incorporate up-to-date research with universally applicable management theories and technology to offer our clients individually tailored solutions.

What sets appart rapidly growing, successful organizations from the others?

We support the creation of autonomous and competitive organizations and workplaces, utilizing a variety of approaches based upon our 50 years of industry knowledge of organizational change and technical expertise in behavioral science.

Our Mission

We provide optimized solutions for vibrant and competitive organizations and contribute to the creation of outstanding human resources. We aim to develop organizations where employees feel “joy in their work” and “happiness and fortune in their lives.”

Message from CEO

Message from CEO

Just as people cannot live alone, so organizations need human relationships to thrive. Our mission is to nurture people’s spirits to build organizations rich in "social capital," forging connections and fostering a sense of compassion, collaboration and trust with others. We aim to work in partnership with our clients, creating healthy and vibrant organizations with outstanding human resources. (Partial excerpt from CEO’s message)


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