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Strengthen Organizational CapabilitiesStrengthen Organizational Capabilities

Strengthening collaboration
Post M&A: Cultures integration
Enhancing inter-departmental cooperation
Understanding the current status
Organizational Effectiveness Survey
Starting a new business
New business development program
Strategy planning
Implementing MDCVS
Formulating mid-term management plans
Future Project: Vision for developing next-generation leaders
Business improvement and reform
Consultation on business reform

Implement  Sustainable ManagementImplement Sustainable Management

Understanding sustainability
SusationOnline - Platform for sustainable management -
What is Sustainable Management ?
Realizing Sustainable Management
Supporting sustainable vision initiatives
Sustainable vision workshop
Sustainable strategy program

Implement ComplianceImplement Compliance

Overview of compliance implementation
Overview of solutions for compliance implementation
Understanding the current status
Compliance implementation Survey
Proactive Assessment of organizational environment and risks
Comprehensive compliance assessment

Develop & Manage HR SystemDevelop & Manage HR System

HR strategy to successfully execute organizational strategy
Human Resources Strategy
HR system development
Securing & maintaining HR system development
Developing a training system
Developing a career system
HR system management
Supporting career development
Improve monitoring of objective management and evaluation process

Promote DiversityPromote Diversity

Promoting women in the workforce
Female manager training program
Career support program for female employees in managerial roles

Revitalizing WorkplaceRevitalizing Workplace

Positive approach: Workplace Revitalization Program
FISH program!
FISH! Culture (Establishing the FISH! philosophy)

Upgrade Sales capabilitiesUpgrade Sales capabilities

Strengthening the sales team
Overview of sales management program
Building a sales team that consistently achieves target