Code of ethics

This is a guideline for practicing our missions and values in daily activities.

Basic policy on business activities

Providing high quality products and services

We will provide high quality products and services by listening to our customers.

• We think it important to have dialogues with customers in order to provide optimal solutions.

• We will take advantage of our core technologies in order to provide services that exceed customers’ expectation

Sincere handling

We will act sincerely in order to gain trust.

• We value each and every job with the awareness that every employee is our asset.

• We will fulfill our agreements and promises with customers in order to live up to customers’ expectation.

Protection of customer information

We strive to protect personal and corporate information.

• We will strictly manage personal information of customers and employees in accordance with the laws and regulations concerning personal-information protection, and guidelines and regulations established by the government.

• We will strictly manage customer’s corporate information and confidential information that we learned through transactions as important information.

No insider trading

We will not trade stocks using the important facts before publication that we learned through our business.

• We will not leak to third parties before publishing the important facts that we have learned through business.

Fair competition and trading

As a member of the consultant industry, we practice fair competition and trading.

• We will not commit any act of cartel or bid rigging that limits free business activities.

• We will not exercise unreasonable pressure on business partners and will strive to create a good relationship.

• We will not make inappropriate expressions or displays and fulfill accountability. Besides, we will not make defamatory remarks on our competitors.


We value partnerships with both domestic and international partners.

• We will actively participate in activities by various organizations such as industry groups and business groups.

• We will establish relationships with consultants (including groups) and academics both in Japan and abroad.

• We will contribute to our agents around the world through the licensing business.

Intellectual property protection

We will pay maximum attention to the handling of entire intellectual property.

• We will not infringe intellectual property (such as copyright, trademark right and patent right) owned by third parties.

• The ideas that our employee has come up will belong to the company. The ideas that each employee has come up must be properly reported.

Compliance with social rules and social contribution

We will comply with all laws and regulations, regardless of whether of Japan or abroad, and act as a member of society.

• We are aware of our position as members of the society and the company’s employee, and will act in accordance with laws/regulations and socially-accepted ideas both during our working hours and private hours

• We will respond to the trend of globalization of corporate activities, comply with international rules, and pay respect to local customs and cultures.

• We will understand our roles as a corporate citizen and carry out social contribution activities.

Environmental protection

We will work to reduce our environmental impact in order to combat global warming and achieve a recycling-oriented society.

• We will make the best use of resources for the purpose of environmental protection.

• Waste of resources because of inadequate preparation and carelessness will be minimized.

Relationship with anti-social individuals and groups

We will not have any relationship with an anti-social individual or a group that threatens (or might threaten) the order or safety of our civic life.

• We will not provide any economic or other benefits and privileges to anti-social individuals and organizations.

• We will not subscribe or place advertisement on magazines issued by corporate extortionists.

Entertainment and gifts

We will not offer entertainment or gifts that exceed usual social norms.

• We will not offer entertainment or gifts for the purpose of winning business deals.

• We will not offer entertainment or gifts to executives and employees of public institutions.

• We will refrain from exchanging gifts as a formality (such as mid-year gift and year-end gift) even among our executives and employees.