Training by position and management improvement


Building executive teams

To build executive teams that can manage with a sense of unity.

Business ethics

To reinforce the importance and social background of CSR, compliance and internal control associated with changes in business conditions.

Development of organizational change ability

To improve managerial competence for more effective promotion of organizational change.

Leadership for managers

To help managers lead better by developing social and emotional intelligence.

Division managers

Creation of MDCVS

We provide guidance and support for deciding business strategies, such as mission, business domain, vision and core values.

Division level change management

To improve managerial skills to promote change in one's own division effectively.

Business model creation

We provide guidance and support for the design and restructuring of business models (business and profit model ) on a competitive level.

Inter-department collaboration

Techniques to raise the effectiveness of collaboration between project teams, cross-functional teams and departments.


Training for new section managers

Acquire basic knowledge to manage workplace teams and cross-sectional teams (between workplaces and divisions).

Developing people

Acquire skills to effectively develop the abilities of team members and new hires through experience and training at the workplace.

Innovative management

Develop innovative management skills (multifaceted views and way of thinking) for over-all management improvements.


Leadership training

Understand the basics of leadership and how to display it in a variety of circumstances.

Self-esteem development

Create a clear image of self and who you want to be in order to encourage positive behavioral change.

Problem-solving skills

Acquire skills to detect problems, analyze causes and find suitable solutions.

Mid-career employees

Interpersonal relationship skills development

Develop interpersonal relationship skills (understanding oneself and others) to carry out work more effectively in an organization.

Improving communication skills

Acquire skills to effectively communicate with others.

New employees

New employee training

Learning practical skills and attitudes that new employees need to have, such as business manners and expectations.

New employee follow-up training

Set positive goals by clarifying current issues and resetting targets by reviewing one's progress since joining the organization.

Training by purpose or theme

Development of future managers

In-house business school

To enable future managers to systematically acquire practical business skills (Strategy, marketing, finance etc.).

Future manager screening

Screening and assessment of future managers by board room simulations and case discussions.

Business acumen

Logical thinking

Study how to find problems and devise solutions. Learn important points for implementing solutions and approaching problems logically from various perspectives.

Debating skills

Improve debating skills by focusing on logical communication.

Business writing

Learn the skills to write business documents that are logical, easy to understand and that convey your message.

Innovative thinking system

Learn seven techniques for divergent and convergent thinking, overcome set ways of thinking and paradigms, with the theme of innovations = creativity + implementation.


Learn interactive presentation skills that will invoke emotion in your audience and trigger discussion.

Negotiations with win-win approach

Acquire the skills of win-win negotiation that focus on common benefits and interests.

Practical project management training

Acquire management skills to improve the effectiveness of project teams. (Accredited by PMP)

Accounting skills

Learn the basics of B/S, P/L and C/F for business practice.

Basic finance skills

Acquire basic financial knowledge, such as how to determine and calculate investment profitability (NPV, ROIC, IRR).

Global training

Global mindset

Learn the flexibility required to work in different cultures and diverse organizations (views, way of thinking).

Global standard program

Systematic approach to developing leaders who can be competitive on a global level.

Remote management

Develop the direct and remote management skills to effectively manage geographically dispersed teams.

Global diagnostics

Measure the level of progress in global expansion and get a measure of your global talent.

Compliance training

Compliance surveys

Measure the level of awareness and practice of compliance policies in the organization using surveys.

Risk management training

Acquire the skills to reveal business risks and to plan counter-measures against risk.




Creating and executing MDCVS

We provide guidance and support for creating and executing MDCVS to determine mission, business domain, vision, core values and business strategies.

Marketing strategy consulting/training

Learn practical application techniques based on basic marketing theories. Support with creation of marketing strategy.

Business plan consulting

We provide guidance and support for business plan creation, from devising ideas of new businesses to planning implementation.

Product development consulting

We provide guidance and support for new product development processes and drawing up of marketing plans.

Innovation consulting

We help you develop a system that effectively promotes innovation and the abilities to lead innovation efforts.

Organizational culture, change and leadership

Post M&A consulting

We support the integration of organization cultures after M&A.

Planning for organizational change

We help you create plans to reach your organizational change goals and set up a system that will help promote change.

Change management

We support the implementation of organizational restructuring for effective management of change.

Positive psychology

VIA workshop

Find the strengths of individuals through the VIA survey and apply them at work to create a positive organizational culture.


Find a common sense of value shared between the organization and individual employees through dialogue. Promote an organizational culture of commitment and involvement where individuals can act independently.


Acquire the mindset to deal with and overcome difficulties and challenging conditions.

Future search (dialogic OD)

We provide guidance and support to create organizational change through dialogue between stakeholders from inside and outside the organization.


Sales chain consulting

We provide guidance and support to improve sales at branch offices through workplace activation and sales training.

Devising sales strategies and setting targets

We provide guidance and support for devising sales strategies and setting targets to improve business performance.

Sales basics and communication

We help your sales staff understand their mission, role and personal strengths to improve sales skills.

Solution sales

We train your staff in listening and proposal presentation skills to promote solution based sales.

Sales coaching

We provide practical guidance and accompany trainees during presentations and negotiations with customers.

Human resource management

Human resource management seminar

We provide the knowledge required to set up a personnel management system that meets the organization's strategies and supports execution of those strategies.


To assess the competence of employees for promotions based on direction of strategies, business and corporate values.

Personnel system design

We provide guidance and support for the designing of a personnel management system that meets the organization's strategies and supports execution of those strategies.

Performance appraisal

We provide support and practical training for the smooth operation and integration of the current personnel management system.

Evaluation system design and MBO

We provide guidance and support for designing evaluation systems and help your staff understand the essence of effective management by objectives.

Career planning

Consider areas where a person's KSAs can be best used and learn to avoid rigid ways of thinking in career planning.

Operational re-design/reformation

Operational reform

We provide guidance and support for abandoning old methods and adopting new ones to align operations with current strategy.

Operational improvement

We provide guidance and support for operational process improvements to eliminate meaningless tasks and raise the efficiency of day-to-day operations.

CS management

CS strategies

We provide guidance and support to create CS strategies (targets, CS menus, differentiation points).

Execution of CS strategies

We provide guidance and support to set up a system to promote the CS strategies of your organization and to draw up execution plans.

CS leaders

We help your CS promotion leaders understand their roles and to acquire the skills necessary to involve relevant members in CS efforts.

Surveys & Diagnosis



Agility survey

Survey to determine whether the organizational capability is flexible, practical and enables proactive change of strategies in response to change in the business environment.

Six Boxes Model survey

Survey that measures the level of activity in an organization based on purposes, structure, relationships, leadership, rewards, helpful mechanisms and response to change.

Organization diagnostics

Survey using questionnaires on a regular basis to understand the effective and ineffective aspects of organizational operations.

Customer survey

Thorough investigations of views, expectations and needs of customers gathered through interviews performed by our consultants.

Labor union survey

Survey to understand the needs of increasingly diverse labor union members. For both management and union leaders.

Sales activity survey

Survey to suggest proposal for improving sales performance with a focus on b2b sales.

Career potential assessment

Competency assessment based on 38 attributes related to achieving success in a business environment.

Basic competency survey

Assessment to get an overview of staff competencies to clarify what needs to be improved based on company expectations.

Customized survey

We customize surveys and reports to suit your needs